Klas Lindblad



“The Soultrance EP“ from Klas Lindblad aka Sasse/Freestyle Man shows the enforced will of the labelowners by releasing another classy EP which will stand the test of time. As Henrik Schwarz would put it in words: “SOULTRANCE is what we call our SUNDAY-MUSIC music. When you hear this record you will know what we mean with that“

Deep, mesmerizing, complex patterns but yet simplistic grooves layed on top of heavy groove basslines is the way Klas wanted it to be and that´s how it sounds. From the melancolic, yet effective double penetrating bass of “Mind Move“, to the beautifully eerie flute driven “For Gavin“ (featuring Frankfurt based Gavin Randle on flute) and ending with the
“Soultrance“ monster this is music for the year 2030!



Cat.Nr. SMR002 Released 29.2.2004